Hello everyone!

My name is Silvia. I am a lawyer and a food blogger, and I come from Barcelona.

After my dog died, I inexplicably started questioning my eating habits. Why were other animals not as lucky as dogs? Why did I eat them, while I would never think of eating my dog? What makes dogs so great and other animals so worthless of our compassion?…

As you can imagine, I soon became a vegetarian (although I do eat fish). My reasons for becoming a vegetarian were moral at first – I thought eating animals was wrong. But was that enough for me to stop eating meat? I wanted to get to the root of the issue: was eating meat even healthy?

After this, I soon became interested in knowing about the benefits of many other foods, and not only meat. My research, which entailed reading books, articles, etc, resulted into The Golden Rules for a Healthy Life.

Approximately six months after changing my eating habits, I began feeling completely different. I was more energetic, I was more cheerful, I lost all unnecessary fat in my body, and, in general, I felt great. This is why I am proud and happy to be sharing these tips with you. I have never been fat, actually I have always been a rather slim girl (touché!). But don’t stop reading yet! It is still true that my body shape changed considerably after putting these tips into practice.This means that this will work on you too, no matter if your goal is to lose weight or to stay healthy. My goal is not to help people lose weight so that they can fit into a certain social standard of beauty. My goal is to make people happier, to make them healthier, and to allow them to fully enjoy their lives by changing their eating habits. After all, we are what we eat.

The Golden Rules are not a diet. They are eating habits and tips that you will learn to implement without any major effort. Diets do not work, and they never have. Precisely because they entail an effort from your side, and you see them as something tough to do, your body rejects them. How can we expect diets to work while they are so unpleasant? The Golden Rules are not unpleasant – they will open your eyes to some issues that you probably were not aware of, and they will have a gradual, but permanent effect on your health.

You have to know that I am not a doctor. However, I have read a lot about foods and their benefits, and after trying this information on me, I can say that it has worked wonderfully. In my website I also provide some recipes that I find extremely nutritious and easy to make.

Start to change your eating habits today in the easiest way…

You are what you eat. So be happy, go green!

(Do not forget to watch some inspiring videos if you’re still not convinced, and to read why am I a vegetarian)


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